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    Hanging in a Canyon-New to HF

    I have been hanging from trees for years. Now, I want to take my hammock to the canyon & cave parks. I wouldn't dare hang my hammock from a stalagmite but there are sections of rock face that have been used for rock climbing that are perfect distance for a cave slumber. I have camped out in the open at some canyon parks, suspended from boulders but the winds in these desert flats rip the heat from my back side even with a fly and UQ. I want to try and get as close to a wall as I can; to block some wind and reflect some sun heat. To do this I need to hang within a crevasse or from a cliff face to a boulder. I know how to tie off to a boulder but its the nook-n-cranny ridden walls that have challenged me.

    I have done some research on camming devices used for rock climbing but they seem a little excessive with their 1.7K-4K pound weight capacities and $54-$100 costs.

    Is there a cam that is less extreme, say 400lb weight capacity? Maybe one that was built to hold gear, not a life. While I understand the need for quality and strength in equipment used by rock climbers, I am only going to be hanging a few feet from the ground. At least, for now...

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    I have an assortment of these that I use for the small cracks and such. I have successfully used them to hang in the Grand Canyon, and also from rock in Arches and the Tetons. I bought 4, and selected them to span what I thought I might find. I tend to use the smallest ones I can, meaning I look for very small cracks and crevices. The smallest of these will support 900#s. I tend to use 0,2,4,and 6. The #6 will support 1800#s.
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    I just watched some youtube videos on the nut stoppers and that's exactly what I'm looking for! THANKS!

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