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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    DivaB, I was thinking of the socks like the MacIX hammock sock which has a SEEP for entry/exit. I'd forgotten the pull on type socks.
    Agreed....that is one of the design ideas I think I'll have to go with for my next sock. I'm not going to have to worry about that for awhile though. Thank God.

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    My need for an overcover is a little different. I agree that strictly for weather purposes, in most climates, it's not needed. However, I'm a group leader. I bring along high school and college age campers on one of my trips. I simply need an overcover for privacy. I've been looking at the Dangerbird very closely because it is a hammock that has an overcover.

    I would love to have the option to detach the cover and leave it behind when it's just me or the family on a trip though. I'm hoping to place an order pretty soon, and that is an excellent option!
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    Thnx 2 all

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary_R View Post
    Without the over cover... isn't that his Roaming Gnome Hammock??
    Yes, you're right but at this point we're talking 'customized', and there are other DB features that we may or may not keep or may modify. So the name of the hammock is irrelevant. But I see your point (if I don't need an overcover, why not just order a Roaming Gnome and call it a day?).

    Thank you all for your recommendations. Based on those, I should rule out the overcover, and if I ever need winter protection, I should go with a winter sock instead, but that's not going to be a concern in my immediate future.


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