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    straps/dutch clips
    Ok guys here is a couple of pics. I made two 7' tall stands out of the following material

    2x2x7' treated lumber(only a few more bucks a each and they were much straighter than the ones that were not treated.)
    gate hinges
    two 7'5" sections of fence pipe 1-3/8" with end caps(originally)
    clevis to hang from hinge to hold up bar
    two JRB straps with I think they call tri glides that I took off of a hammock suspension
    and here is what I got.

    I thought I was around 240lbs but went inside and found I am at 250#. Ran to Lowe's and picked up two 6' sections of 1" black iron pipe and one coupling.

    Here is how the hinge area is situated

    The tarp on top of the pipe(going to have to go with a shorter length tarp but I can make this one work for now)

    The view from within.

    Overall it was fairly straight forward but the main difference I had to do was add a couple more feet to the line tension on the legs. With 10' of line it was still pretty wobbly so I added 1' then tried it and then added another 1'. Now it's pretty steady. I'm leaving for AK in a couple weeks and plan on carrying these with us in case we stay in a campground without the trees needed to hang.

    I'm going to carry the stands to a hang this weekend and if happy with them I'll likely build a second one for my son(who is only 11 so the fence pipe should work for him). Thanks again for the help everyone!!!!!! I love that I can now hang in my yard wherever and whenever I want.
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