I'm hitting the trail again, this time hiking up to an area north of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Pecos Wilderness. The small group I'm going with are heading from Jacks Creek campground north about 9 miles to Pecos Baldy Lake at the base of the Pecos Baldy peaks 12,000+ ft., hopefully we can dayhike along the Trailriders Wall, which is a 2.5 mile long saddle above treeline with cliffs on either side to reach the Truchas Peak region farther north and bag a 13,000 ft peak. I haven't been to this alpine basin area yet so I'm very stoked and excited, there is wildlife abundant, mountain goats and pika, cutthroat trout at the lake, so we have much to look forward to. Two of us are hanging, my buddy finished a HH clone thanks to the HC4U instructions I referred him to, and he even went as far to whip up a nice underquilt out of a synthetic cold weather military issue bag. Needless to say I was impressed! August is peak monsoon season for this region so hopefully we'll be hanging high and dry! I'll take some pics and share with those interested when I get back. Vaminos amigos!