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    intergrating a bugnet

    first off i must say that this 'little' project was a royal pain in my back side. when it came time to work on the bugnet itself murphy not only put in an appearance, he made himself at home and kicked up his feet for the duration. first problem came when i hemmed the netting prior to sewing it onto the hammock body, i used a single fold and sew hem. the problem you ask? i wanted the 'raw' edge facing towards the inside and this is an asym shaped piece of netting. hemmed all four edges and draped it over the ridge line only to find out that i had rolled the fabric the wrong direction and to have it fit properly the raw edge would be facing out. time to dig out the seam ripper...... black thread on black netting is NOT your friend when it comes to removing stitching. finally finished with that and got it re hemmed the proper direction and moved on to sewing the netting to the body starting with the zipper side. sewing the netting to the zipper was easy enough only when i finished i had a LONG point of netting left over. panned on having a little over hang on the ends as i cut the center line of the netting slightly longer than the hammock RL to begin with but not as much as was left after sewing it together. *&@# strung up the hammock and sure enough there was tension on portions of the netting. where did that *^&%#@! seam ripper go?!?!? ended up not having any over hang on the ends and just darted the netting as i sewed to make up the difference. it was definitely a learning experience that i don't wish to repeat anytime in the near future. now on to the pics: turned out pretty good in the end but what a trip to get there.
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