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Did those who made one get the "Gorget" & "Draft Stopper" ?
For our uses, are either needed?

If I get one, I'm getting the Alpine Upgrade. I'm torn between black & green, but leaning towards green.

NCPatrick got the full deluxe version and the alpine upgrade. I'm helping him get through some of the construction, so I've seen the design up close. Using Ray's standard dimensions, I think the gorget is a needed option for the extra length. I think the draft stopper is a great idea too. The insulation in the alpine upgrade is THICK. REALLY thick. I'd estimate a total loft ~ 2 1/4 - 2 1/2" with both upgraded layers. Way more than I need on top, but I sleep warm. Overall a good design, but it's designed for ground use and could be modified to reduce weight/bulk for use in a hammock IMO.