Agreed on the tides, Riverpirate! I almost mentioned that in my post because there is quite a distance b/w high and low tides, but we made sure to go above the high tide mark. Rodloos, as to trees, I certainly know what you mean. Here in South Georgia, the rivers, though plentiful, are primarily encompassed by marsh so not too many trees about. Tybee (and the other barrier islands) are large and undeveloped and have an abundance of live oaks and palms. Although some of them have restricted interiors, LT does not (at least to my knowledge), so you can use them. Fortunately, the trees start right at the high tide mark, so we were able to make use of the ocean breeze to keep bugs away from what otherwise would have been marshy, buggy heaven. Nevertheless, Sunday morning we definitely got our fair share, which is why I recommend a fall trip.