Hey guys, I'm looking to make my first (serious) hammock purchase. I think I'm settling on the WBBB!! woo-hoo!! Anyway, with so many variables I have a couple questions. Mainly one regarding single and double layers. I (think) would rather use an under quilt than a pad and therefore am leaning toward the single layer 1.7 but I have noticed that most people seem to go with the double layer. Is there another reason (or benefit) other than sliding your pad between the layers? I am 6' & 190lbs, does the single 1.7 sound like a good fit? I have been trying to find the hammock with the right fit, features and weight. I have a lot of hobbies that I carry into the woods with me so I need to be weight conscious but comfort is important to.

The other hammocks I was looking at were:
1. HH Hyperlite - solely about the weight but was told its too small for me
2. Dangerbird - I love it but being in the southeast I doubt I really need the top cover and could use to shed the weight.

Any advice/help would be appreciated - Thanks

P.S. what might I not be considering when making my first purchase? I'm sure there will be some "aha!" moments after I sink into my first hammock - would like to avoid the negative ones