Thanks for all of the input guys...I'm not sure if it helps or makes it worse! It's funny, I came across this forum just checking up on reviews for a HH and have been sucked in to no foreseeable end It's so hard to know what is the right thing for me with so many options but I can see that that is exactly what makes this so addicting! I haven't even ordered mine yet and I'm hooked

Most of this hammocks purpose will be for backpacking in the mountains of the southeast. I am leaning towards a single layer with an under quilt and/or soaked in permethrin for warmer months. Weight is an issue since I generally pack fly fishing gear and a gopro with accessories. I have been forced to watch and reduce my weight with all of the added gear. It is the reason I started looking into a hammock in the first place. Well, that and I found that cowboy camping gave me more rest than sleeping in the tent with my snoring fishing buddy