So after doing a couple bugnets/tarps I was all set to make myself a nice down TQ for my first insulation-related DIY project... and then GoLite had their sale and I bought one instead! Whoops. So I figured, hey, I've got all this downproof material sitting around, might as well do an underquilt instead!

I had a good look at the Red River Gorge UQ guide and will be looking to follow that general design as it's relatively straightforward and had a good set of instructions.

I do have a couple questions:

1) Is a differential cut necessary, or even worthwhile? I will have a full-length channel on all sides, so it can be cinched up at the hammock ends with shock cord, will that eliminate the need for a diff. cut?

2) Which way should the down chambers run, lengthwise or widthwise? The RRG tutorial indicates widthwise, but most of the quiltmakers on HF seem to have them run lengthwise.

Any other general advice is quite welcome.