Here's the situation:

After much research, I ordered a BIAS $50 Hammock package, which includes the Camper Hammock, Whoopie Slings, Straps, and toggles. It is due to arrive tomorrow (Thursday) just in time for my overnight campout Friday to Saturday. I can't wait to try hanging! I have a cheep Harbor Freight 10x12 tarp I plan to take, an inflatable sleeping pad, and I bought some shock cord, mason line, and stakes for tie-outs. I will be camping 30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ, with expected high of 73*F and low of 36*F. I plan to take a mummy bag and a spare square zippered end sleeping bag which I hope to slip over the hammock like a pea pod. I got some very strong clips/clamps at Harbor Freight to secure the extra sleeping bag to the under side of the hammock if the pea pod idea fails for some reason or to secure the bottom end closed. I have no idea what temps the bags are rated for, most likely just cheapo bags. I plan to wear several layers of clothes just to be sure; I can always take some off. Oh, if I have time tomorrow, I'll pick up some permethrin spray and spray on the hammock, as it has no bug net and I have not had time to make one. I don't think the bugs will be too bad at this location and temps.

So, my question is: Will I survive without the dreaded CBS (cold butt syndrome) I have read so much about on here? I've read most of Dejohah's book, The Ultimate Hang, so I think I'll be fine with site selection, suspension, etc. Not sure yet whether to hang my tarp in a diamond config or just rectangular. Not sure how long to cut the shock cord pieces to attach to my stakes as tarp tensioners, but I figure a foot should be fine. Any suggestions to make this a great first hang?

Thank you everyone for making this such an awesome community! I would not be brave enough to even venture into this otherwise.