Ok, I keep going back and forth and back and forth between gathered and bridge and I never really can decide. Well I've got my gathered end figured out so this just might be the time I actually try to make a UL Bridge and just have the option of both.

But first, some advice please! I am wanting to make one the style of the Eureka Chrysalis without all the added bug and tent stuff. I know I'm not looking to make it with a huge curve in the edges and I'd love to be able to use my trekking poles as spreader bars without feeling like I'm going to snap them. The issue with that is my trekking poles are sectioned and collapsible, so I don't know if that affects anything.

Now my measurements are as such:
Height - 5' 2.5"
Shoulder Width - 16"
Hip Width - 16"
Weight fluctuates between 170-175lb

My questions are, what is the best width and length to give me the most comfortable lay with 1.9 Nylon fabric and what kind of curves to the middle could I do that would support my weight best. Also how do I create a suspension system for this? Any other advice I need about anything, tips, tricks, anything, for a first time bridge hammock?