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    What do non-hammockers think?

    Just curious as to what everyone's non-hammocking friends think about our hobby. Personally, I am part of the college-kid-Eno-hammock fad, and a few of my friends and I purchased one. I, however am the only one of my peers who have taken it to the level of modification, DIY, and frequently overnighting outdoors in it. Therefore, my family (in the kindest way possible) thinks I'm turning into a bush hippie minimalist. But hey, haters gonna hate (did I really just say that?). Regular camping isn't very popular where I live, so some people don't really understand all the time and effort I put into my hammock. But I love it nonetheless and it's fun.

    So the question isn't about how you came to this hobby, but how city folk respond when you try to explain why you use a "whoopie sling" as opposed to a "ring buckle" suspension, etc.
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