Thank you guys for all of your help, I have just ordered my first hammock set up. I had a hard time deciding on the hammock itself so I just went with a simple cheaper option and figured I could change later if needed.

I ordered

ENO Singlenest Hammock- I was torn between the Speer, the ProNest and the Singlenest, I just decided the Speer was more money and the Pronest was too short

Omega Pacific "Doval" Carbiners (2) - I am going to change the hammock attachment system to the Pronest style system which will be 2 ounces lighter than the standard ENO set up.

Jacks R Better Polypro straps and Tri Glides - This seems to be better than the nylon ENO Slap Straps and easier to use than ropes.

Speer SPE - I couldn't afford an underquilt yet so I am planning to use the SPE with a close cell foam pad and an Exped Downmat 7.

MacCat Deluxe Tarp - This seemed to be one of the best tarps out there for a hammock anywhere.