Happy Arbor Day fellow hangers. Arbor Day is a special day to celebrate the TREE. The first Arbor Day was in 1872 in Nebraska by Mr Morton.

We celebrate Arbor Day all over the world and today is Arbor Day for those of us in Nova Scotia. Arbor Day doesn't have a set date due to different climates and local conditions. Southern States already had theirs and Northern areas would be later in spring and Arbor Day in the Southern hemisphere would be much later in the year.

I just wanted to remind us TREE users to HUG A TREE today.

Most other special days ( Christmas, Veterans/Remembrance day, Independence day) celebrate something that happened in the past. Arbor Day celebrates the future. We are having our celebration of the TREE at a school with the students helping us look to the future.

Our Arbor Day trees just happen to be planted about 15' apart in an area between the school and play ground. They may be a little too small to hang my hammock today but the students will have their celebration picnic under their new trees.