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    NCC laws and regulations (ottawa, ont. region)

    I know it's a long read but you'll love the ending
    well I went for an afternoon of fishing and hanging with my 5yo son at lake leamy in gatineau today , after we fished for a bit, we figured it was time to relax in the hammock , as I was putting the fishing gear away, one of the parc's employees drove along in a mowing tractor and signalled me that I could'nt hang my hammock in the park . I politely told him that I've been hanging at that very spot for the last 5 years or so and never had a problem or someone tell me to remove it!
    it was a new rule. So I asked why, and all he could say was that they didn't want to be liable if someone hurts themselves, so no tying anything to the trees
    I explained him that we practice LNT and everything but he just told me that if a cop walks by I could be fined
    so I told him I would finish packing my stuff and take it down
    being a bit pissed I did what I said I would, but before taking the huggers down, I decided to look up the NCC's # on my IPhone and give them a call, the person at the other end of the phone told me that it was a new policy there to protect the trees(blah blah blah) I tried to explain the whole LNT, that we even camped in hammocks , but he said it was the law, tried to talk to his super but he just said it wouldn't change anything, so after "politely" barking at him, I said I wanted to make a complaint to which he just asked if I wanted a nature conversationist to call me, I said yes!!!
    so after less than 5 minutes they called me back, I again explained what had happened and the setup used
    to my BIG suprise, he said I could hang because we aren't installing anything permanent and not causing any damage to the tree
    so I guess the lesson here is, you should hold your ground (no pun intended :tongue up: )
    I just had to get it off my chest

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    Not sure how enforcement agents are up there .... but you might want to get back in touch with that last person and see if you could get that in writing so you can have a copy of it with you. Just in case. Might solve a headache or two down the road.

    Just a thought ...

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    That's such a great story! I don't understand what the problem some parks have. LNT that's what its all about!! I 2nd Hawk eye!! get that in writing !!! happy hangin!!!
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