Hello. I sent an email last week asking what may be a dumb set of questions but the answer to these were what I was looking for before I buy a tarp. I have not had a reply, but I know how emails can get lost. I only have four more days before I order a tarp so I thought I'd post here in the hope of an answer before I buy a more expensive hilleberg tarp. As you can guess, I've not used a tarp before but would like to start and later perhaps add a hammock as well. My hennesay hammock experience almost turned me off hammocks for good, but I'd like to give it another shot, maybe.

My email:

Hello. I am interested in purchasing one of your superfly tarps but as a beginner am uncertain if it will suit my needs. My interest is not in Hammocking (well not right now) but rather to be able to put a tarp up over a mesh tent with the intention of sleeping cooler than with the tent cover in place but still safe from rain. I also like the idea of being able to put a tarp up so that I can set up our tents in the rain. I guess the question I have is if the Superfly is able to be set up using a hiking pole or some sort of tall tent pole so that it could be used when trees are not available or if I should focus on a tarp with eyelets such as the Hilleberg tarp.

I had tried a hammock last year but my lack of skill made it too frustrating to use and I often found that I was not able to hide the hammock away as I could hide a tent.( I cycle and do a lot of stealth camping) After this summers tour I plan to try hammocks again and thus hope to start with a tarp and tent and then add a Hammock later. That is what drew me to your tarps. I know they are designed well for their intended purpose along with hammocks, but I wonder if they can be made to work in the way I've described. Sorry for the amateurish question btw!
I wish I had known of your products before my first hammocking efforts. I certainly bought the wrong hennessy. Too small and that slit to get in with was awful! Oh well, the price of learning.
Thank you.

So ... awaiting an answer from Warbonnet ... can the superfly be set up as the Hilleberg tarp?