Hey all. I've decided to make my dream hammocking setup over the summer, and I could really use the help of all you pros to make my dream into reality. Now I'm talking about making the whole shebang here: hammock, suspension, bugnet, tarp, maybe even TQ/UQ if I'm feeling up to it, so this is gonna be a long one. I'll break it up and address my concerns/ideas/questions piece by piece.

First, the hammock. Actually think I know what I'm going for here, planning on a 1.1 double layer with openings to slide my pad in. My only question is, for double layers, should I whip the ends, sew a channel, or does it even make a difference?

Suspension! Now I've seen some youtube tutorials on how to make whoopies, but it honestly looks like it could be more trouble than it's worth to make these myself as opposed to just buying them. Anyone tried making their own? Was it not too hard, or do you think it'd be worth it to spend a few extra bucks for some already made?

Don't really have any questions about making a bugnet, seems pretty straightforward, but feel free to give me any bugnet-related tips you may have to offer.

Finally the tarp. I'm not looking to go ultralight here, so I'm thinking I'll make a big 4-season with door flaps and plenty of tie-outs. I'm having a hard time finding instructions for making such a tarp though, anyone got a good tutorial?

Once I've made up my mind on exactly what I'm making and know what materials I need, it'll be time to whip out the ole credit card for a nice little shopping spree. SO where do you guys get your DIY supplies? (Gonna have to buy online, I doubt there's a fabric store within an hour of my house out in the backwoods, much less a decently well-stocked one.)

Thanks for the help!