This weekend myself and a friend of mine will be hiking the entire OLP for the first time. Since I am someone that actually has to work on Memorial Day we are limited to hiking on Saturday and Sunday and spending just the one night camping. Because of this I was planning on camping at Long Run since it works out to be about halfway. There is one other possibility I was considering and it leads to my question of the day.

Are there any good camping possibilities at the peak of Sullivan Mountain?

The idea of camping on top of Sullivan Mountain near one of the overlooks is very appealling. Does anyone know if that will work out for us? A fire ring would be nice, but not an absolute necessity. I'm asking this because I don't want to hike up there planning to set up camp and then find out that it really isn't a good place for it. None of the maps I've seen have a campsite marked in that location but that guarantees nothing. Any insight that anyone has is appreciated.

Oh, we are both hammock campers in case anyone is wondering.