Howdy folks. Got another question for the day.

So I really want to use my snakeskins for my new WBBB 1.1 s with the adjustable webbing suspension system - for now till I get me whoopie slings.

However, the ends of the snakeskins closet to the tree are very narrow, too narrow for the AWS buckle to slip through.

I was thinking of making a careful slit where the buckles are really struggling and then reinforcing the area so the ripstop nylon does not rip any further. IDK though, I do not want to ruin them.

I have Fronkey's netted snakeskins which are wider than the ones from Hennessy but those Fronkeyskins are perfect for my tarp - moisture reasons. Plus I feel like they may rip with the AWS pressure towards the end.

Any solutions to this problem? Thanks!