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Thread: Tarp for BMBH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VATriker View Post
    I will be using a Chinook 12' x 9'.6" tarp with my BMBH next week during the Great Hudson Valley Pedal (an organized bike ride). We will have somewhere between 600 and 900 riders there and maybe a couple of hangers. The ride will be 300 miles (Albany NY to NYC). This will be my first time on an extended trip with a hammock (6 days) so I will have to post something here on the forum when I get back. The reason for the Chinook was it is close to the size that JRB sells and it was within my budget. The tarp is probably a little heavy for gram weenies, but not a problem for me.

    Good luck on that ride VATriker - have a safe trip and take lots of BMBH photos for us!
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    Right now I am waiting to see if Brandon releases a new tarp to go with his new bridge hammock.
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