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    Finished the DIY a few questions

    Cut down old sleeping bag and sewed GG channels on. Feed a loop of 1/4" shock cord and called it done.

    First thing I noticed is that is MUCH warmer with it! not sure I would want it unless it got down under 60.

    Second, the shock cord seems close the blackbird in on me. Is that Normal?

    Third, the cord is fighting with my head when I lay diagonal. Is there a fix for that?

    Might try to see some GG loops on the corners and connect it to the hammock with 4 short pieces of shock cord & biners. Anyone think this a better way to hang full length quilt?

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    Look at Shug video

    I am pretty sure Shug attached something to his ridge line. That might help a little. Sorry can't tell you which video it is in but the research should be entertaining.

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