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    Want hammock. Have silver, reloading/casting supplies, biners, gear for trade

    Another new guy here wanting to try out a hammock. It will be used for backpacking in the NW. I am 6', 170 lbs. It would need bug netting, a fly, and all suspension parts. New or near new preferable, but will entertain all offers. Am also wanting to play around with tarps, so a hammock with a larger tarp would be a plus. I will see if my sleeping pads will work, so I don't need a insulation package (for now).

    I would like to do some trading, as I have blown all of my beer money on a new bag and pack the last couple of weeks. What I have to offer is:

    1964 circulated WA quarter rolls.
    40% Kennedy half rolls circulated
    Sierra and Hornady .224 bullets
    Commercial cast 38/357, perhaps some 45ACP and 45Colt cast bullets.
    9mm, 45ACP range brass
    NIB Lyman mini-mag 10# furnace
    Lee bullet mold 452-255-RF, less than 100 rds poured.
    NIB Lee ingot mold
    Other loading/casting stuff, I will have to look around.
    10 ea used wire gate D's, gates are sticky.

    GoLite Gamut NWT mens large / blue
    Just received it, I need a medium. Will return in a week.
    Mountainsmith Lumbar pack, older Tour model made in Golden CO.

    If any interest, I can provide photos and better descriptions.
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    Have 2 of the dd hammocks from the group buy, which were seconds, they have been repaired by me,i am not a professional they will work good as new, fact is they are new, 50.00 each shipped lower 48. I know you are looking for a trade, can't use any of your trade goods. Let me know if interested.

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    Found one. Thanks.

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