I recently turned 60, with two bad knees and a ruptured disk, so I don't hike any more. In fact, I just found that my 30 year old thermarest is a bad fit on my 60-year old body. I'm touring on a motorcycle, and looking at hammock camping as a way of keeping some flexibility in my stop points rather than being forced into motels.

I did sleep in hammocks several times when younger, in the mesh backpacking hammocks available at the time. I never liked being treated as a sausage

I have two concerns -- getting in and out of the hammock, and a need to sleep on my side.

I have been looking at three different types and makes of hammocks:
  • Hennessy Explorer Deluxe
  • Claytor Jungle
  • DIY Bridge

I would appreciate any comments and or suggestions on these or other hammocks with regard to my concerns.