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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    FWIW...By my scales, the poly version is 4.8oz/sq.yd.
    Quote Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
    Oofah! The crinkle taffeta comes out to around 2.6oz/sy

    Well, what's it like otherwise? Make a decent hammock for the yard?
    Sounds like gmcttr got one of these too. I ordered the 72x120 poly for a living room hammock and Mr. Pips and I both HATED it! Retired it immediately and put back the ripstop nylon one. Since then, I have received and made the crinkle taffeta one with the mini-spreader bars a la Redoleary. It's the bomb! Love it.

    The problem with the heavy-duty polyester one was that it wasn't slippery at all. It was like a restaurant tablecloth--like polyester broadcloth. You got all balled up in it when you tried to move. Buzz-kill for sure. It did occur to me, however, that--somehow--it might be more comfortable outside. You know, as just a flop-down-and-rest-your-feet kind of hammock. Haven't tried it yet. Hope your results are better!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipsissewa View Post
    ...It was like a restaurant tablecloth--like polyester broadcloth...

    I wonder why?

    Edit...we should let this thread get back to the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BajaHanger View Post
    Do they have smaller tableclothes or runners that have the hem so you don't have to sew? ie 126" x 30" or 132" x 30" or something close to it??? Just an idea.
    They have the crinkle at 12" or 54" wide and 10 yards long, obviously a considerable price difference between the two. I used two pieces 12" wide sewn together for the top of my mom's bugnet roof in those pictures of her hammock, and there was enough left over to make her pillow, bishop bag, gear bag, and ridgeline organizer...of course I used every single bit of that 10 yards

    Hodad; I'd agree with hppyfngy that for their size, folding it in half will probably serve them greatly. But regardless of what you do, I think they're going to love and appreciate it

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