I was actively browsing last summer, purchased an HH Asym, and am happily off the ground now, for about a year. After last fall, I sort of took a hiatus from being outdoors. Life happens, and I have other interests that take up alot of time as well. That being said, I have been browsing the forums, and noticed that hammocks in general are evolving. I have a few questions; first, last summer, the HH asym was THE premier one to have. There seems to have been a veritable explosion of small startup companies making hammocks. What are some of the top makers these days? What separates them from the rest of the pack? I've noticed advancement in materials as well, both in the nylon used in the hammock itself, as well as in the suspension systems. Could you fill me in on these?
Also, I am unfamiliar with what, exactly, a "bridge hammock" is. I have seen it mentioned several times. Someone want to fill me in?
One thing I did notice, particularly from buddies returning from overseas, is that quite a few have ben turned on to hammocks, specifically DD hammocks, by brit soldiers. I have a budy who has pics of them out on patrol, with hammocks strung between several vehicles. That pic actually brought me back to this forum.
Anyway, some of general info regarding what I've missed in the past year would be greatly appreciated. And, FWIW, my time away has been spent wisely; I have been playing the bagpipes since last May. A little to heavy to pack, but, I'm sure the neighbors appreciate when I disappear for the weekend