please let me know if this is in the wrong forum, thanks!

Hey everyone, I'm a boy scout of a high adventure backpacking troop and last time I went backpacking was in Sproul State forst in Pennsylvania. There I met another backpacker who was using a hammock and talked with him, he convinced me to make the transfer to hammock camping. I did some research, watched some videos and decided on buying a Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer 1.1. Everyone was really pleased with the blackbird and didn't have anything bad to say about it. I'm the first in my troop to test hammocks so I can't get advice from there. I'm going to Monogahela National Forest in West Virginia in a little over 2 weeks and was woundering on my hammock set up and had some questions that I can't find awnsers to.

First, i bought the Adjustable Webbing Suspension with my blackbird and was woundering if I should mod it in any way. I love the lightest setup possible and hate extra weight I don't need/can get rid of. I've seen some people have climbing O rings instead of the buckles and dutch clips instead of caribeeners. Should I make the switch? I bought the 1.6 oz set of caribeeners because they seemed very light and versitle but I can always get dutch clips.

Second, I was woundering about snake skins that I've seen on hennesy hammocks? could i use these with my blackbird and would they even be useful at all? They seem like a very good idea but I haven't seen anyone usign these with the blackbird so maybe it isn't.

Also I have a question about underquilts/pads. I have a thermarest neoair since I have been tent camping my whole life and It's an awesome pad, super light and blows up to almost a raft. Can I just continue using my neoair for the summer or should I not even bother carrying the weight? And then invest in an underquilt later (since their $190-$215 at warbonnet) or shoud I actually get one before my trip? Also what temp of underquilt should I get since I normally camp fall or spring not too much in the winter, but still in some cold weather? Warbonnet underquilts seem very expensive so ya woundering if theres anything better/cheaper/lighter out there. Also I saw someone using those tarps with the 1 reflective side and he pointed the reflective side up and used it as a wind break/heart reflector, could I use this technique effectively?

And lastly I bought the Warbonnet Asym-Diamond tarp since it was light and I don't want the extra weight of doors or the huge tarps, I see why people like them I just don't want one. Which leads me onto my question of can I tie this tarp to my suspension of my blackbird? or just go ahead and tie to to the tree. I've seen hennesy hammocks with the tarp tied to their guyline (i think its called) and they just use the snakeskin to put it all together, is this smart for a blackbird? or just go with what everyone else seems to be doing.

So to sum up
Should I do adjustments to my hammock to make it lighter (O rings, dutch clips, or anything else)?
Should I use Snakeskins on a Black Bird?
Carry neoair, or save the weight?
Do i need a underquilt now, or can I wait for fall?
What type of underquilt for ohio fall/spring weather?
Can I tie my tarp to my suspension webbing, or just to a tree?