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    Jacket Hunt Sell Off. Many a jackets

    So... I sold off a lot of my down jackets, but then I got to thinking I really wanted to find the perfect jacket. Well, this involved a lot of ordering, and I mean a lot. But, I'm a bit of a deal hunter so I scrounged to the ends of the internet in search of the best deals I could get.

    All of these jackets being listed were recently bought by me(past 3 weeks) and are in new, perfect condition. They just didnt make my cut because they didnt fit best one way or another. I am going to post these up for a few days before I withdraw them and just start return processes on them.

    I figure, there might be a few people that would like to grab these deals instead of me sending them back. I make no money off of this and take roughly the same hit as if I return them. I am simply just doing this as a service.

    So without ado, here is the list

    1. Montbell Ex Light Down Jacket, Size Large, Sunset Orange(very dark orange). $150 Shipped Too tight for me in the chest.

    2. Patagonia Down Sweater, Size Large, Mango (light orange) $110 Shipped
    Too tight in chest.

    3. Montbell Thermawrap jacket, Size XL, Burnt Orange, $82 Shipped
    Too loose and long in the arms.

    4. Montbell UL Down Inner Jacket, Size XL, Primary Blue, $105 Shipped
    ice upper fit, too loose in belly. I had heard that there sizing changed a bit. Nope, same sizing.

    5. Patagonia Ultralight Down Hoody, Size XL, Dark Mango, $140 Shipped
    Actually not bad, but I found better. Has a XL upper body but has a large sized lower body it seems.

    6. Patagonia UL Down Shirt , Size XL, Mango, $120 Shipped
    Same as above.

    I think that is it... Though I need to look again. Good enough for now though.
    Update: Yep... Found one I forgot lol.
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