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    Ok, all these 'used once' and 'my experience with satin' coments have me almost as curious as the original request. So, not being too shy, I'll go ahead and ask: why satin and why red. And why did you others try satin?

    Remember this is a family message board...
    Haha; no, it's nothing like that. A friend of mine had a dream a while back that everything in my room was made of red satin. He tried to ask me about it (in the dream) but I just glared at him. So it's an inside joke now, my love of red satin and the hammock that was in place of my bed. I figured I'd get one, just to be funny.

    So could anyone recommend a specific type of hammock I should look for, or a sewing technique to attach the satin or something like that?

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    DD modular jungle hammock
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    wilderness logics
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    yucky color lolneo
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    i dont know neo, im sure you can get red satin, or even blaze orange gear, and we still wouldnt be able to find it under all that camo!

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