Well, we are planning another trip 3 weeks from now. Either one of these trips will be tent camped. We dont have the equipment to hang yet. I have a hammock but my son does not and we dont have tarps and bug nets yet, both of which are needed were we will be. The bugs will eat you alive if you dont have those. I look forward to NOT having to fight with ants. I usually wake up with them all over my tent. Although I've learned to spray my tent with bug repellent and that seems to help.

Plan A is heading up to Abrams Creek (Smoky Mountains, TN). We are going to do an Abrams Creek loop. Its a short hike (2-3 days). We plan on hitting the Little Bottoms Trail and camping at site 17 for one night. The next day we will continue on the LBT to Hannah Mountain Trail and follow it over to Rabbit Creek Trail. Our next stop will be site 16 on the RCT. From there we will hike back down to the Abrams Creek Ranger Station.

Plan B is go to Twentymile on 129 (on the dragon, again Smoky Mountains TN) and hike up to site 93 and stay there a couple of days. If we do this one we will do a day hike to the Shuckstack (old lumber area) via the Lost Cove Trail. There is a waterfall that I want to see in that area. I was told that it can be difficult to find if you dont know where to look. If the Ranger station is like Abrams Creek, no one will be there. End of hike we will head back down to the Twentymile Ranger Station.

It's going to be rather warm and bear activity has picked up. We scoped both out and saw 4 bears in less than 6 hours. Sooooooo,,,, it makes us both a little nervous. LOL.