I just ordered two WBBB 1.1 DBL's for the Wife and myself and one Superfly. Can't wait to get them and try them out. I know I was tired of sleeping on the ground.

I owe it all to Shug's videos! My Wife was not thrilled about spending more money on hiking gear. I had been doing alot of research on Hammocks and ran across Shug's videos on this site. I thought they were awesome entertainment and also good tool for information. But after watching hours of Shug's videos she caved and told me to go ahead and order them if she didn't have to watch anymore of Shug's videos. I don't understand why she wasn't thrilled. I really think it was the Bluegrass type music. I will continue to watch any new Shug videos he comes out with when she is not around.

Anyway, I can't wait to try them out. I know she will enjoy hiking alot more now that we are not going to be confined by tent sites.