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    Brown Hollow, Hoosier National

    Animal Control and I had a great overnighter in Brown Hollow last night. The temps got down to below 60. My underquilt made of a synthetic sleeping bag did well after I got it tightened up a bit. The Bear Mountain Bridge with the widening mod was really comfy. I really like it better now that it's 35 inches between the rings. My new 13 x 14 Cat tarp made by Brian was awesome. I now see where I will need to put a couple more pullouts on the sides to make it pitch in smaller places.
    Animal Control is a great guy and knowledgeable on so many topics. A terrific campfire orator, though we didn't light a fire after all.
    We had a good time and left on very short notice indeed, which is how I like it.
    Brown Hollow is just a wild seldom-seen place where we could have a hang one of these days. Only an hour in from a really nice parking area.
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