Received my gossamer gear wide 1/4" pad and cut it to the shape I wanted. Slept out with pad on bottom and fleece sleeping bag opened up for top blanket. Temp mid 70's when I got in and dropped to 68, no wind. I was almost too warm when I first got in and didn't use the fleece. Pulled the fleece over me sometime in the early morning, but was comfortably warm underneath. Last night, same conditions but tried with the fleece bag only. Started the night laying in the fleece bag with the top thrown to the side. Again, pulled the fleece over me sometime in the early morning. This time was chilly underneath about 3:30 but just mildly uncomfortable and not too chilly to go back to sleep. Tonight I'm going to try sleeping in the fleece bag again with just a left over piece of the gg pad under my shoulders.