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    Thanks to all for the input, just waiting for my hammock to arrive and then "play" with it to see if this what I need...I hope it works out, and if it does I may try to upgrade, or go to a bottom entry like Rev suggested, but no matter what, I will find a way to sleep under the stars...Great site, good people who are eager to help, and a love for the outdoors...The reason all of us are

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    Robgcp, my wife just got a Travel Hammock with the funky forest tarp. The specs were wrong from what I can tell, it's bigger than 10 x 10. I'd have to measure it again but I think it was 12 x 12 or at least closer to that. It's a pretty inexpesive tarp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robgcp View Post
    or go to a bottom entry like Rev suggested,
    robgcp I've got a thread going for folks with disabilities to share their experiences with hammocks. My most recent post deals with how I use a Bridge. If you decide you want to upgrade you might check into a DIY Bridge as they are reasonably simple to make and IMO offer the best toploader access for mobility impaired. I still like my HH but I might be sorely tempted to switch if folks can figure out how to do a bottom entry into a bridge.

    I don't think I would take my DIY bridge out solo as I have had problems getting out by myself, but that may change as I play with more in the safety of the backyard.
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