Thanks everybody!

You certainly are represented all over the place!

Trying out in the backyard is one of my first priorities. Have two big trees about 16 feet apart. Think I can swing it even if it isn't ideal.

Going to use some tie downs this weekend to at least get it setup, but plan on getting some proper gear to backpack with.

Lots of ideas around here, but the whoopie sling setup seems to fit the bill of what I would like. Mainly want something that I am comfortable with and confident in until I get some more experience on the trail with this hammock (and hopefully others ). Once I get more acquainted I am sure I’ll have no end of useful tricks from here to give a shot.

As far as insulation underneath goes: is there a guideline to temperature ranges for foam pads/air pads underneath someone? I plan on using at least a foam pad, but have an air pad as well. Not sure at what ranges I would need to start thinking of under quilts/blankets (really anything beyond just air/foam pads).