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    Light weight suspension setup using dynaglide?

    Hey guys,

    I recently saw "A Brief Primer on Hammock Suspension, Part II cord" video by grizz. One that really caught my eye was the "double marlin spike hitch" method. Basically you loop your cord around a MSH. You adjust the sag, then tie another MSH using both pieces of cord.

    What intrigued me about this setup is several things:
    It's stupid easy (Almost as easy as adjusting a whoopie sling)
    easy to replace if it wears out (buy a large spool of cordage and replace if it wears out)
    Can get closer to the tree than a whoopie sling.

    I just tried this method on my porch using amsteel and seemed to work fine.

    Can you use lighter weight cord? will the knot deteriorate the strength too much? does anyone else use this method?

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    The thing that degrades cord are turns whose diameters are too small relative to the cord's diameter. From that point of view, for a given 2nd toggle, the % degradation on the thinner cord shouldn't be larger than % degradation on the thicker cord. But importantly, the thinner cord has a lower breaking point and so less margin. Given that Dynaglide is used, as far as I can tell with no breaks reported, for something like a garth hitch, my guess is that use of the 2nd MS hitch will be OK so long as the toggle is, say, the diameter of an Easton aluminum tent stake.

    The method is easy, but the MS on the lines require a much stronger toggle than the toggle on the webbing, because the toggle is taking the full compression force. I've seen it dent very hard wood toggles (bloodwood), I'll use an Easton stake but a stake is a lot to carry around just for this one task and its right at the height where someone could run their eye into it. I could cut down a stake... but haven't done that yet...
    (alias ProfessorHammock on youtube)

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