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    Breathability Discussion

    edited by angrysparrow - I split this discussion from the Cuben Fiber thread. This discussion is good, but shouldn't hijack the topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by gnome View Post
    cuben doesn't breathe,period. However neither does a closed cell pad. and we all use them. I have spent several nights in my cuben Ham. it is fine. The tarp of mine is all taped, and holds up well, for tie outs I use a piece of gorilla tape. the cuben is sandwitched between a single piece doubled back on it self, I then put about 3 stainless ordinary staples to hold (in shear tape is very strong not so strong in peel) cheaper from the manufacturer! my H is abour .44 oz/ yd I believe, stronger than 1.5 or so syl
    Gnome, et al,

    The prevailing wisdom is that a hammock should be breathable.

    Your statemant that we all use closed cell pads is far from accurate...In fact, between Speer pea pods, snug fits, home made UQs and 1/2 UQs, Garlington type taco tubes, Dams, Dam clones, JRB WS and JRB Under Quilts (numbering in the thousands) the majority of folks probably do not use pads. Certainly those who consider themselves back sweaters have moved on from pads.

    YMMV... Glad it works for you...

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