I need some advice.

In the last week or so, I have had a number of very simple breakthroughs with my gear. I've made myself a 1 ounce sit pad out of a car sunshade. I've made myself a very nice 4 ounce fishing packrod holder out of a 3 inch heavy duty cardboard mailing tube I picked up at Staples. And, best of all, I made myself an ultralight strap chair thingie out of nothing more than webbing and a buckle.

Simple, inexpensive, highly effective solutions all.

Now for my biggest remaining challenge. I use a Chrysalis bridge hammock. I need to solve my underquilt problem. I have been out for an entire season with my full-length Prolite in the hammock with me and the insulating properties were great. But there was a lot of sliding going on so comfort wasn't the best.

Based on an idea here, I want to try something dead simple: Sew a length of ripstop into a bag similar to a large pillowcase; Reinforce 4 corners somehow (or maybe corners plus one on each side) and grommet; and attach to bridge with shockcord.

I'll waterproof the ripstop because my bridge has a built-in cover so I don't use a tarp, though it really doesn't matter to the pad.

Am I missing something? Do you think this will work? I'm sure to get an underquilt in the future but I both don't want to spend the money and I am convinced there is a simple solution to this that is being short-circuited in my mind by the obvious answer of simply buying an UQ.

I don't own a thread injector and can't sew. I may have my cousin do it. Or try to do it by hand.

Appreciate any help you can offer.