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    Tablecloth Hammock

    So I took the plunge and bought 3 tablecloths for me and my boys. I am planning a troop meeting to show the scouts and get them into this. What size rope does everyone use to whip the ends of the hammock? I used some thin paracord like stuff but I am afraid it is too thin to really hold against the whoopie. I can use regular 550 paracord but wanted to get some feedback first.

    Speaking of whoopie's... Can anyone tell me why the bury on the locked brommel end needs to be 5 inches long?


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    You can use the industrial zip ties, and use pliers to really help pull them tighter than your bare hands will do. Then put your whoopies under that a little ways, you can always bunch up just a bit of material between the whoopie and the zip tie or lash it to help stop the whoopie from slipping over. Once you've hung your weight on your whoopies that will help lock your whoopies and hammock ends together.

    If lashing is your thing, it really isn't going to matter, as there is no weight on that actual piece, it's just to hold the gathering together. I've used braided mason's line before. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowderKEG View Post
    ...Speaking of whoopie's... Can anyone tell me why the bury on the locked brommel end needs to be 5 inches long?

    It's because the locked brummel is only there to keep the buries from being able to back out when there is no load on them. The bury does all of the holding, not the locked brummel.

    I have seen (and used) them made with less does not make me comfortable.

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    I used 1/8 inch nylon cord/string that I picked up at Walmart to rope in my garden beds with. Just like when using whoopie slings, it's the knot and not the toggle that does the holding. The knot made by the whipping holds the hammock up. You don't even have to whip, you can just tie a single overhand knot out of the tablecloth itself to make the knot and in point of fact might make a good survival example if you do one of the hammocks that way. Whipping or the channeled end is a cleaner installation but just being able to get a knot to suspend by is the more important thing.

    One more method, I was looking for this the other day in my 'it takes a week' thread this is a simple, no whipping method of knotting the hammock. The only downside to this and the tieing a knot in the sheet method is that it takes fabric away from the length of your hammock. Remember that the minimum length of your blank is supposedly two feet plus your height plus the fabric needed to produce the knots. With whipping you're only using the last 6 inches of the hammock blank. Knotting takes the better part of a foot and this method takes about a foot of fabric. No problem with a 132 inch piece but for me the 'ideal minimum length' is 110 inches of fabric. A shorter blank starts getting to short quickly.
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    Shug's Hammock Newbies videos - Takes you buy the hand and shows you in video
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