What a great collection of useful information!! Love the site guys, keep up the great work!

I haven't camped for over 20 years and then it was ATV camping on the side of the Mississippi as a youth. So my experience is nil, but I am researching and learning so I can get out for some overnights and 3- 5 day hikes. I just hope hiking doesn't hurt my golf game, you gotta have your priorities in line!

Right now I am deciding if I am going to try a tablecloth hammock or purchase from one of the cottage vendors reviewed here. I am leaning toward the BIAS but as a side sleeper the bridge versions have a big appeal as well. I am also going o outfit my daughter whose in college and has expressed a pretty strong interest in camping and like the idea of hanging.

I'm looking to outfit 2 from scratch and not interested in sinking a pile of cash so I am looking at the DIY aspect as much as possible. I'm going to hit up a construction (commercial) site today, I spied a 12-15' wide partial roll of tyvek labeled commercial there yesterday for tarps.

If you could post links that would help me learn backpacking fundamentals that would be great too!