hello everybody. i'm an avid camper, well at least i like to think so... spent a good portion of my life going 'up-north'. for those that don't know, that is what a michigander says when they are traveling in any direction with in Michigan.

i've tried the hammock thing a few times and couldn't figure out just that one thing. i recently spent over 3 weeks on the Jim Corbett reserve with my hammock, and wouldn't have kept off the ground if it wasn't for a couple of mountaineering chaps that were there. luckily they had some climbing straps (like 3") and were able to muscle up my sad suspension system. i thought i knew what i was doing, but after trolling on this forum I am humbled. and i have learned, NO NYLON STRAPS! (especially if your a big guy, as i am).

i am very excited and looking forward to getting out in the woods with a new outfit of off-the-ground chillin'!!!