Ok so, complete hammock beginner here. Did a month long AT hike and came home extremely jealous of those fellows hanging in trees.

So far I have:
Gear Guide 11' Tarp
Nano 7 Grand Trunk Hammock
Random and poor suspension that I had laying around
various sleeping bags for a top quilt
walmart 20" pad I had lying around

I started by looking for a pad to replace the walmart pad, because it's just too small. but most wide pads are around $40, and it just so happens that the materials in the DIY under quilt costs around $50... needless to say I'm going to try my hand at making that instead. Aaaand since the S&H is $8, I might as well order everything I could possibly want or need... and so here I am.

Stuff I'm going to try:
* An under quilt
* Insect netting. I don't need one hanging, but if I go to ground I'll probably want one.
* Gathered end double hammock. I need help here on the type of nylon. As far as I can tell, there are three types of nylon: 1.1oz or 1.9oz ripstop nylon, the more expensive silnylon, and then something called plain weave nylon. What do I get here for maximum weight support, and just how much weight will that be? Pack size and material weight are not an issue with this one, as this wont be taken backpacking.
* Maybe a down top quilt, and new suspension sometime soon. I don't trust the webbing I'm using.. cheap stuff.

And one more question, what's the micro cell foam like on that backwoodsdaydreamer website? I don't see any DIY threads on it, but I'd imagine it'd make a cheaper solution to a wide sleeping pad. Or is it a different kind of material?

The guides all seem very informative, but any unwritten tips or warnings are appreciated!