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    Rectangular Tarps?

    I know they are out of stock right now, but is there an estimated ETA on when they will be back in stock? I'm in no rush as the funds are low. I can just keep an eye on the site and wait but I'm trying to save up the money to get one.

    I like the MadCat tarps but I would like something with doors. I dont really need them its just a nice option. I'm a firm believer in the saying "its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it".

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    As per OES site information, Brian had o narrow down tarp assortment at this time but You could buy MacCat and add those doors later or also You can choose bigger model Deluxe or Ultra instead of Standard version. I'm a happy MacCat Ultra user myself. More tieouts on the Ultra than smaller models tough.
    I know Brian are slow and weak on the communications side (this little bit scared me) but he done artristry on the tarp itself.
    As for winter, WB Superfly could be alternative. Not seen those Superflys in live though but I know, cottage rules!
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