I know there are several threads on this already, but mine's a two pronged question, so I thought I'd make a new thread.

The first is suggestions for an UQ. I've read up on many and am still undecided. I want something that will work well on my HH Exp but will also work on a WBB when I inevitably upgrade to one (maybe in another year or two). So the Super Shelter is definitely out, for that reason and I don't think it'd be half as warm as a down UQ. I've also seen a few people mention that certain UQs don't fit a Hennessy well so I'd like to avoid those but at the same time I don't want to get something that's tailored too much to the HH because when I upgrade my WBB I'd like to use it with that.

The second part of the question is just tips for staying warm in the mean time. I did about 10 nights in my hammock last summer and had no real issues but that was all in August when the weather was warmer. Last weekend I did a test hang (to try out my new whoopie slings) and froze my but off. The only difference is I didn't use a window reflector underneath (the other one self destructed). All I'm using now is my mummy bag which not only is uncomfortable in a hammock but compresses under me. So I was thinking when I'm out this weekend I'll bring my old foam pad and put that under me and drape my mummy bag over me like a top quilt. Should that be sufficient? or should I have some other layer between me and the foam pad?

Thanks in advance for the tips