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Full length is probably more 'fool proof' than 3/4 length (and no need for a pad under your feet with the full length) but you've got a potential weight/cost penalty.
That's another thing I'm torn on, 3/4 or full length? I think 3/4 would be enough for me as I wear double layer thermal socks when I sleep, and when I sleep at home I tend to stick my feet out from under the covers to keep them cool. I would definitely love the space and weight savings so I'm curious to know if that'd be enough insulation for me.

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I have a Hennessy and use the Jarbridge River UQ from Arrowhead Equipment. It fits well and is warm enough for fall in Northern Ontario. I tend to sleep kinda compact so the 3/4 works for me. It packs up to about the size of a loaf of bread and fits in my kayak with the rest of my gear no problem. It also fits on my Eno DN in the house for winter. Paul ships almost the minute he gets the order from you and is awesome to deal with! Too bad you just missed the Memorial Day sale though...
As for the Jarbridge River UQ, I was looking at that while it was on sale and almost bought one. What stopped me is the realization that it's not filled with down. If I'm going to shell out that much for a UQ I want one that's down. Plus I thought I read something about that one *not* fitting the HH Expedition well. It does look like it's still on sale though.