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Thanks Yosef. I hope to get back into the gorge this cool season.
Do you take part in the linvillegorge yahoo group or linvillegorge.net?
I'm a member & scan most of the posts on the yahoo group but haven't other wise contributed much lately.

PS... I'm thinking you meant that the foot bridge led to Spence Ridge Trail rather than Conley Cove.
Nice loop you guys did!
You are right, my memory fails me, it was Spence ridge, thanks for the clarification.

I am a member on both the yahoo group and the website. I haven't sent anything out on the yahoo group but will post occasionally on the forum on the website. Good luck on your trip back into the gorge this fall. I am thinking of making a trip back to the gorge as well either to spend a few days fly fishing or possibly hiking the mts trail from table rock to blowing rock.