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    Quote Originally Posted by toddhunter View Post
    Do you normally tie your tarp so high on the ends? I don't recall seeing this look before. It appears to give good visibility, but how about the coverage? Do you just lower the ends when it rains hard?
    No, I was just playing around with different heights/sags and whatnot. Yes it gives good visibility, but I would have the rain fly tied of next to the caribiners when I hit the woods. The rainfly is just hovering about the hammock then. Side would also be hung a bit lower. I like the tarp that came with the claytor, but will eventually purchase a larger hex style tarp.
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    Cool, that makes sense. I always thought you needed to tie a half hitch on the tree side to avoid slippage. I'll probably stick with the half hitch to be on the safe side. Thanks for the extra pics...keep us informed of any slipping during longer hangs, or if it holds pretty securely w/o the half hitch.

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