Hi All,
I'm in NW Lower Michigan because there are so many hiking trails and rivers.

Not really a newby, to hammocks or backpacking, I just never introduced myself.

I've been using a hammock about half my backpacking time for a few years. I've been lurking here off & on for several years. I started with a Hennesey about five years ago. The first night of 40 F I thought I would freeze. Then I bought a JRB BMBH which was a little better.
Yesterday my Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 db arrived. I was most of the afternoon learning how to set it up. As usual, I modified the instructions to do it my way.

I just hate to pack up a tent in the rain. With a 10X11 foot tarp I have a dry area whatever the weather does. I mostly hike solo and avoid campgrounds.