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    Quote Originally Posted by wesswank View Post
    Lot's of reading and researching the threads caused me to send several emails and PM's this week, I spoke to Brian at BIAS this morning, ordered the WW Micro in DL w/ Knotty Mods. I went DL because in case you havent heard there are some rather large mosquitos in Louisiana and I also want to stick my full length neoair xlite in between layers when it is cooler. I also ordered the buginator. The only bad news is they are gaining in popularity SOO fast there is a 10 lead time on production, so here I sit waiting...

    Hey Moderator, probably need to look at starting a BIAS thread soon!

    Cant wait! Will report my findings as they develop. If the product is half as good as the customer service, it's gonna be awesome.

    Wes: When we started, everything was 7 days. I am not sure if the 10 day shipping that has now become normal is a result of our poor planning, exhaustion, volume or a little bit of all of it. Anyway, we are working to build up some inventory of standard items (which got depleted) and hopefully we can return to our 7-day order-to-door shipping. Thanks one and all for being so good to us.
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