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    Talking Sooo Green - first hang

    My first hammock, first tarp and first hang
    I am so excited as my first hang went beyond my expectations.

    I found a nice little green spot in the woods just 30 mins drive from the "big" city of Copenhagen. After reading/learning from y'all - I set up my gear and it kinda worked out perfectly

    I lay there enjoying the woods and looking at a Woodpecker feeding the young some 20 feet from me. Absolutely brilliant

    Item list from the photo:

    Hammock: Woodsman X from UKHammocks
    Tarp: DD Hammocks tarp 3x3 (10x10 feet)
    Insulation: Pad
    Big fat dude: me
    Rucksac: Aarn Effortless Rhythm with Photo pockets

    All brand new - except for the big fat dude.
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